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INT6 - Enhancing Plymouth's 'green city' credentials

INT6 - Enhancing Plymouth's 'green city' credentials


The Plan seeks to place Plymouth as a leading city for green initiatives. Since the Plymouth Plan was adopted Plymouth City Council has declared a climate emergency with the intention for Plymouth to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Southway, Plymouth
Southway, Plymouth
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The city will actively pursue measures that build upon its current strengths in green technologies as well as its exceptional natural environment, to become one of the leading green cities in Europe. This will include:

  1. Developing and promoting our contribution to managing climate change and sea level rise through continuing to pursue ambitious carbon reduction emission targets (net-zero by 2030) and proactive natural network management, and putting in place infrastructure to enable businesses to make the transition to a low carbon economy.
  2. Promoting our marine renewable energy technological and operational expertise, through the creation and promotion of a Marine Renewable Energy Hub and a well-trained and qualified, carbon literate workforce able to recognise and respond to the green growth opportunities of a low carbon economy. This will provide a basis for inward investment and international collaborations in the energy sector.
  3. Reducing transport related carbon emissions by offering an efficient, accessible and attractive choice of sustainable travel options for all sectors of the community, visitors, businesses and commuters within pleasant and secure environments and actively supporting the transition to low emission vehicles.
  4. Safeguarding the special conservation status and environmental quality of the Plymouth Sound and Tamar Estuaries European Marine Site, the Tamar Estuaries Special Conservation Zone and other sites, species and habitats of European importance.
  5. Recognising organisations that demonstrate excellence in green and sustainable solutions across the city.
  6. Continuing to lead the way nationally in natural infrastructure delivery.
  7. Developing innovative approaches through culture to engage communities and address issues of sustainable living using international models of best practise.
  8. Working closely with our local businesses to develop a 'green' culture and to support and encourage them to use best practise to benefit their business as well as the wider city environmental aims.


This policy builds on the city's commitment to be a leading green city. This means working to achieve net-zero in the city by 2030 therefore making our own contribution to the international effort to manage climate change. This commitment includes big efforts to help people and businesses save energy, generate low carbon energy, protect Plymouth's special natural environment and reduce transport-related carbon emissions and utilise the services nature provides.

It is recognised that climate change will have unavoidable impacts for which we must prepare, such as improving resilience to flood risk from heavy rainfall and rising sea levels and to wave damage from the sea. The Plymouth Plan's commitment to sustainable development is also reflected in its policies relating to waste management, natural space enhancement and local food.

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