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HEA1 - Addressing health inequalities, improving health literacy

The Plan seeks to reduce health inequalities and improve health literacy across all communities, identities and geographies, and improve health and wellbeing in Plymouth.

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HEA2 - Delivering the best outcomes for children, young people and families

The city is committed to help create the conditions where all children, young people and families in the city can thrive in a safe environment.

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HEA3 - Supporting adults with health and social care needs

A health and wellbeing system which provides high quality services and care is vital for Plymouth's population.

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HEA4 - Playing an active role in the community

The city is committed to making Plymouth a fairer city where everyone does their bit. This can only be achieved if communities feel supported and engaged.

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HEA5 - Delivering strong and safe communities and good quality neighbourhoods

The health and wellbeing of individuals is influenced by the communities in which they live and people's health can be affected by the nature of their physical environment.

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HEA6 - Delivering a safe, efficient, accessible, sustainable and health-enabling transport system

Transport planning and investment can play a significant role in delivering a healthy city and the Plan will help deliver a transport system that enables and encourages sustainable and active travel choices, provides good accessibility for the city's population to jobs and services, and supports a healthy environment.

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HEA7 - Optimising the health and wellbeing benefits of the natural environment

Interventions using the natural environment can deliver cost savings for health and health-related services and improve physical and mental health outcomes.

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HEA8 - Meeting local housing needs

The Plan seeks to ensure that everyone has access to a decent, safe and affordable home, which is suited to their needs, promotes health and is located in a community where they want to live.

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HEA9 - Delivering accessible health services and clinical excellence

The Plan continues to support the development of Plymouth as a location of national and international excellence in clinical and medical science, where everyone has access to the health care they need.

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