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HEA9 - Delivering accessible health services and clinical excellence

HEA9 - Delivering accessible health services and clinical excellence


The Plan continues to support the development of Plymouth as a location of national and international excellence in clinical and medical science, where everyone has access to the health care they need.

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The city will continue to develop as a location of national and international excellence in clinical and medical science, where everyone has access to the health care they need by:

  1. Focusing on integration and joining up services that benefit the people of Plymouth and those who use local services, and improving the sustainability of the health and care system.
  2. Ensuring that all communities in the city have access to high quality primary care services, with provision of technology-enabled care where appropriate.
  3. Supporting the development and emergence of Derriford Hospital as a regional centre of excellence for clinical specialisms that reflect its strengths, aspirations and the health needs of the people of Plymouth and wider population.


The integration of health and wellbeing remains a crucial national and local policy objective and it is important that the city builds on its current progress towards integrated health and wellbeing services – not only in the spheres of commissioning and provision, but also in terms of assets through intelligent use of the public sector estate, forward thinking use of technology and working to ensure the city has the needed workforce. The innovation of an integrated health and care system is likely to deliver population health and wellbeing benefits that significantly outweigh the investments required to make it happen.

There is a national policy drive towards increasing the role of the health service in prevention of ill-health and advancing the public health agenda – working with the many others in the community who are also motivated to improve the health and wellbeing of the population. Prevention is a key strand of a sustainable local health and wellbeing service, as is an openness to technological innovation where there is evidence of likely population benefit. However, there will remain a strong demand for health services to be provided in an accessible way for all local communities and so it will be important to ensure that growth of Plymouth is matched by appropriate provision to meet these growing demands.

The Derriford area of Plymouth is an established commercial and academic area of the city. University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust (previously known as Plymouth Hospitals NHS trust) has a well established reputation for high quality research and development and a strong record of participation in commercial and non-commercial clinical trials and further development would result in the best outcomes for the people of Plymouth and the wider population. A vibrant clinical research sector across the system and informed by population needs will not only yield positive economic and reputational benefits for Plymouth but will also, with equal focus on translational and action research, advance the influence of research on industry and on population health.

There are multiple specialisms in Derriford hospitals and it is important that this diversity is preserved. However, the sustainability of Derriford Hospital would be enhanced by its emergence as a regional and/or national centre of excellence for specialisms that reflect its sustainability aspirations and the needs of its wider catchment population. An important part of the development of these valued services will be ensuring they are provided in the best way and best place in our community for the benefit of the population and local system; this will be part of the make-up of integrated health and care.

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