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INT1 - Implementing Britain's Ocean City

The Plan seeks to enhance Plymouth's profile as an international city where the city projects itself to people who might invest, study or visit the city.

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INT2 - Plymouth in the global market place

The Plan seeks to build upon Plymouth’s strengths in the global market place.

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INT3 - Positioning Plymouth as a major UK destination

The Plan sets a framework to help will support and secure additional investment in its visitor economy, particularly to enhance Plymouth as a destination for all seasons and encourage high value tourism.

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INT4 - Delivering a distinctive, dynamic cultural centre of regional, national and international renown

The Plan supports Plymouth's thriving arts and cultural sector and seeks to promote the city’s reputation at a national and international level.

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INT5 - Celebrating Plymouth's sporting excellence

The city will has a reputation for sporting success and its provision of first class sports facilities. The Plan seeks to promote and celebrate Plymouth as a nationally and internationally recognised venue for sporting events.

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INT6 - Enhancing Plymouth's 'green city' credentials

The Plan seeks to place Plymouth as a leading city for green initiatives. Since the Plymouth Plan was adopted Plymouth City Council has declared a climate emergency with the intention for Plymouth to become carbon neutral by 2030.

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INT7 - Supporting world class universities and research institutions

The Plan supports the continued growth of its higher education and research institutions to raise their profile internationally.

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INT8 - Celebrating diverse communities

The Plan helps to shape Plymouth as a fair city where people take pride in their communities, are listened to and can make a real contribution to Plymouth as a place to live, work and visit.

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Theme 2: A Green City

Plymouth provides some of the best environments and opportunities for quality of life of any city in the United Kingdom. The city aspires to be amongst the greenest and most sustainable places in Europe.

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