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Plymouth Visitor Plan

This Visitor Plan is a framework for Plymouth that describes at high-level what needs to happen to develop the city’s visitor economy over the coming decade.

It will be underpinned by a detailed business plan and marketing plan which, combined with this Visitor Plan Framework, will provide the refreshed Plymouth Visitor Plan for 2020-30.

The direction of travel set out here has been built up over several months through a process of detailed analysis of available data and research, extensive engagement with stakeholders through workshops and meetings and guidance from the Destination Plymouth Board.

The Plan has looked at all the good work that has happened so far including the delivery of the original Visitor Plan for the city. It takes account of the market opportunities and trends affecting destinations. Much of that good work delivered through the previous plan has been a result of the strong partnership that exists between the private and public sector in Plymouth.

This Plan has been commissioned by Destination Plymouth but is a Visitor Plan is for all stakeholders with an interest and role to play in supporting the development of this vital part of the economy.

Destination Plymouth has a clear role in facilitating and co-ordinating many of the objectives and projects set out here. The organisation is well placed to secure funding to support projects having helped lever in over £2m of additional funding in the last few years to support destination marketing. But many of the projects in this plan also require capital funding. That means the support and interest of a wide range of private and public investors must also be secured.

In the pages that follow you will find a vision, headline ambitions and objectives. The Plan is built around two main development themes and for each we set out ‘Star Projects’ – projects that will make a very significant difference to tourism in Plymouth. We also set out a ‘Enabling Actions’ to strengthen the foundations for the ongoing success of tourism.

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