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Plymouth and South West Devon Plan for Infrastructure and Investment

The Plan for Infrastructure and Investment (P4I&I) demonstrates how the Joint Local Plan (JLP) will be delivered and how it will be monitored and managed. Whilst its primary focus is on the key infrastructure, there are direct linkages between the Plan’s development aspirations and the framework for monitoring. The P4I&I covers the following topics:

  1. What we are delivering – the objectives of the JLP, scale of development etc
  2. How each of the JLP's policies will be delivered, identifying the lead agency, the delivery partners, and the main methods of delivery
  3. For each of the key infrastructure projects, how each one is to be delivered, and critically how they are to be funded
  4. How S106 and CIL can make the most effective contribution to funding key infrastructure, and protecting local communities
  5. Monitoring delivery progress, including risk management, and the structure and content of the Authorities Monitoring Reports

Whilst the P4I&I covers the entire JLP area, it contains greater detail around the growth areas within the Plymouth Policy Area as this is where most of the development is being focussed and where there are likely to be the greatest delivery challenges. Taken together with the Infrastructure Needs
Assessment, it constitutes the Plan’s Infrastructure Delivery Plan.

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